How we help

Life-saving surgeries

We send highly qualified medical teams to PNG to conduct specialised surgeries. To date most of these surgeries have involved resecting life-threatening tumours and the results have been nothing short of “miracles”. Tragically, if left unattended, many of the patients seen by the PNG Angels team would have become terminal.

We're very fortunate to have a team of surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses willing to volunteer their time and expertise for the PNG Angels program.

Together, we can bring hope to the people of PNG through access to these life-saving surgeries.

Essential equipment

PNG is still very much a developing country, often resulting in poor and inadequate medical equipment and facilities. 

We transport essential medical supplies and equipment from Australia to PNG for use in these very specific surgeries. 

A brighter future

Savings lives is paramount but we are also focused on empowering the local communities in PNG.

We achieve this by providing high impact training to upskill local medical teams, so they may competently conduct these very important surgeries into the future. To support this vision we also plan to help build a state of the art surgical theatre in PNG for use in these specialised surgeries.

Our program simply needs funding to realise these milestones for the people of PNG.

Our philanthropic mission

Life-saving surgeries

We give the people of PNG hope and access to the life-saving surgeries they need, following a tumour diagnosis.

Essential equipment

We supply essential medical equipment for use in surgeries. Our vision is to help build a state of the art surgical theatre in PNG.


We train local medical registrars with the skills they need to competently undertake these surgeries into the future.

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